Personance - The Undestanding

Between our unconscious and the state of consciousness is a constant communication, Blaga called personanta, from the Latin per-sonare, mining to sound, to resound. It's a kind of tune by which the unconscious tell us, tell to the consciousness, what it understand the reality.

Sometimes  something put us in the situation to do an action  and we don't know why we are doing. Socrates had constant talking with his dimon, and St. Augustin tell us " We may look for God inside our spirit, in the so call interior man (homo interior)" (De magistro)

The transcendent, we have it apriori, is this part of the conscience which is not conscious, that is the unconscious. The abyssal noos, proposed by Blaga, is the same as the kantian transcendental (what is in us an depends on our categories of the understanding). It is our understanding, what Latin writers called intelectus, different from the ratio, the rational thinking. Only by the rational part of the thinking we have volition, and we accede at the action.

We understand automatically the reality, what is around us. We may have this understanding with the help of the apriori forms of the sensibility, the space and the time, and with the categories, the categories of the unconscious, the stylistical matrix, the archetypes,  and the categories of the consciousness.

Personanta help us to make our conscious understanding. Only by the consciousness we have rational thinking, we have volition, we intent to act and we act. The unconscious has no thinking? Yes, it has itís thinking, but only in the understandingly thought.

By the personanta we realise an important link between our unconscious intelligence, the understanding, and the rational intelligence, which is conscious. When I walk, I talk, I drive the car, and most part of what I do I am unconscious. Only my decision to follow a way or another way, to express by my words some ideas, is conscious. The personanta is preparing all my acts, all what I want. Before we want something we may understand the situation in which we are.

All our life is full of this kind of unconscious understanding and it is automatically. All is prepared by the personata, which is help for the rational thinking.