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 Proving Quercus Robur
This proving was done in May-June 1996 in Bucharest by the ARADH group for Classical Homeopathy. Our team is working from 1991 in promoting the classical homeopathy.

In 1995, in a discussion with Mrs Sue Crump from the London College of Classical Homeopathy, she suggested us to do a proving of a new remedy. For this proving we proposed three different mother tinctures and we sent them to the Helios Pharmacy. The main chemist from Helios chosen one of the tinctures and made dilution's. He sent us these dilution's. We received them in March 1996.
History. Quercus Robur is quoted in Clarke's Materia Medica, as a remedy introduced by Burnett, who published in his Diseases of the Spleen a translation of Rademacher's account of the remedy. Rademacher used the tincture of acorns, and then dilution's. He did not a proving. He make only treatments.
Another researcher, the German Ed. Bach, used red flower of the oak.
No proving, as we know, was effective before our.

We began to prepare the proving having a new discussion with Sue Crump, the main supervisor. The Romanian main supervisor was A. Geo Savulescu MD .

We don't know which mother tincture was chosen and we don't know the dilution, or if there are blind tablets. We had only 16-een bottle's with pills and each bottle had a number. This number became the number of each prover.

We had 9 supervisors and 16/een provers. The proving began at 6 May 96 for the majority of the provers. At the beginning one of them refused to take pills (023). Two provers began the proving only the 16-een May (925) and the 20 May (027)-Silvia Gheorghiu, supervisor. Prover 023 refused to take part of the proving too late to be changed. We had, at the beginning, 7 Male and 8 Female provers. Geo Savulescu had symptoms without taking pills. At the end we put it in the proving as number(01X) .

Prover nr. 032 stoped the proving the 0 day, she had o strong symptom. For that we agreed that her mother will continue to take the pills. That means the 9-th female prover.

Finally we had in the proving 8 female and 8 male.

(019); (025); (029); (038); (041); (043); (049); (01X), MALE
(021); (023) the absent; (027); (032); (032 bis); (034); (036); (045);(047), FEMALE

The list of the Supervisors: Silvia Gheorgiu, MD; Constanta Iacob, MD;
Carmen Badila, Homeopath; Iulia Negrea, MD; Felicia Caravan MD;
Ileana Randasu, MD; Sararu Catalin, MD; Gheorghe Bungetianu,MD;
Geo Savulescu, MD.

Each supervisor received o book for his use and one for each prover. In each book it was written at the bottom the Instruction for the provers.

Dear prover,
We thank you for your participation. You will see that this proving will be benefice for you.
Before starting the proving. Check if you have your book note and all the information you need. Your supervisor will answer if you have questions.
Note each day, before the proving will start, in your book all the symptoms you have, or your relatives tell about.
Please, note in your book, the day, the hour, and the minute you take each doses. The remedy will be taken twice each day. In the morning and in the afternoon. Better is between 7-9 a.m. and 7-9 p.m. Please, be attentive to avoid 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after taking the pills to put something in your mouth, even water.
If you observe the presence of a symptom, please , talk with your supervisor, and if it is really a symptom stop taking pills. Note the symptom in your book.
By a symptom to be noted we understand:
1. Something new will happen with your body or your mind.
2. The come back of an old symptom you had.
3. The aggravation of a mild symptom.
Please note your dreams, your emotions, changes in your behaviour, not only physical symptoms.
Note the symptom the day it happens, not tomorrow. Note all your symptoms 30 days from the first day you began to take pills.
At the end, please, note your impressions about the proving. It is something changed in you?
Confidentiality. In the proving you have a number and nobody may know your identity, it will be our secret.

We thank you for your collaboration and for the time you spend with this proving. there is no matter to progress in medicine, in homeopathy, without provings.

Each supervisor was instructed twice. We decided, at the second meeting, to start the proving, for all provers, the 6 May 1996.

The proving began the 6 May 1996. Two provers, 025 and 027, started later, the 14-een May, and 20 May.
There were no problems during the proving.
We stoped the proving after 30 days. The prover 027 stoped the proving the 20 June. We began to have discussions with each supervisor and them brought their books. At the end of June 1996 all the material was collected.

We had a general discussion with all supervisors to decide which symptoms had relevance for the proving. In September 1996 we succeed to have write down all the symptoms. We had a discussion with Sue Crump and we had a new draw up of the symptoms. We began the English translation and we had know that the remedy is Quercus Robur.

We started to treat some patients. (Geo Savulescu)
In nov.97, a girl of 2 was at the interview. She had a pimple like eruption, with much itching, all over the body. The face, the limbs, buttocks, thorax, abdomen, was fool of pimples. She had this eruption from 1 year old, and no conventional treatment was effective. The parents were in despair because they could not find a treatment,

I gave her Q.R. 7 CH, each day some drops in the morning till the eruption was present. After 30 days I received a call from her parents. They said that the eruption disappeared after three weeks of daily treatment. I advised to stop the treatment. In 18.02.98, they called me again and their daughter was OK. No problem till now.

I had other 7 patients treated with Q.R. that had anxiety and hurry's. I gave them Q. R 7CH, daily, the morning, two weeks. They changed in calm persons and they were no more in harry for anything. They were checked one month.



Prover; Day; Symptoms, Old Symptoms (OS) / New Symptoms(NS)
(021, 034, 032 bis) 2-5 Lassitude, fatigue, lack of vital heat. (OS)

(032 bis) 19 Sleepy and tired in bed dry weather (OS)

(034, 036, 041, 045) 3 Legs, as if he had been walking on a hot day, all day long wearing tight shoes and plastic socks. (NS)

Tired in the morning, tired in the evening, as if she had been working all days but she didn't. (OS)

(036) 27-29 Energetic, lively. (NS)
(043, 047, 01X) 0 Good energy, increased vital force. (NS)
(045) 0 Flabby feeling for a short time (20 min). (NS)
(049) 0 Good tonus (OS)

(038,043) 0 Vague prostration of mind; dullness? NS
Mental activity is difficult. Dispersion. NS

(021) 3-4 Apathy in the morning. OS
2 Short time of sadness OS
7-9 Discontent with monotonous activity NS
Professional insatisfaction OS
She needs company OS

(045) 17 Irritability with no reason. NS

(047) 22-30 Moderate fear of darkness; She needs to sleep with light on. NS

(032 bis) 0-7 Anxiety. NS

(036) 5 Restlessness followed by vertigo and confusion. NS

(029) 0-1 Hurried. NS
Absent minded. NS
Forgetful. NS

(047) 22-30 Sympathetic. NS
(045) 11 Aversion to being alone; desires company NS
(036) 13-35 Self confidence. NS
(021;032;01X) 10-18 Desires and needs exercises. NS
(021;032;041) 0-13 Desires something new, a new activity, a change. NS
(021;029;041; 045; 047)0-30 Calmness, tranquillity. NS
(029) 3-36 Yielding. NS
(021;025; 041; 0-25 Mind and conscience are clear. Understanding easy. NS
045; 01X)
(021; 045; 0-25 Cheerfulness- unexplained. NS
049; 01X)
(021) 18 Increased mental and physical energy. NS


(045) 0 Dizziness for 20 minutes at 10-30 AM
13 Vertigo all day long as she had been drinking. better after
a walk outside in the evening. NS
(036) 0 4 PM Vertigo with restlessness and confusion. NS
(034) 1 1 AM Vertigo as if during an earthquake when lying down. NS
(032 bis) 0-1 Slight dizziness when getting up. NS

(019) 7 The hair becomes very greasy due to sweating. OS
(021) 0-15 Headache like a pressure. NS
0-2 Headache front-right. NS
6 Headache front right as a constriction (agg). NS
18 Headache diminished, even cured. OS
(027) 2 Mild headache predominant at the right with pressure and stopping the ears. NS
(032 bis) 0-7 Dull frontal headache after nervous exertion with blood pressure oscillation OS
8-11 Pain in the occiput and nape. OS
(034) 0 11AM Headache right and right eye. Strong pain with feeling having 2 heads with double sight. Different sight with the right and the left eye. NS
Numbness- right quarter of the face and tendency to close the right eye. the right quarter of the face, the nose, and the cheek seem not to belong to her. NS
(043) 0 4 AM Diffuse migraine with uneasy feeling. After 30 minutes back to the normal state. NS
1 10 AM Strong migraine with nausea. The migraine subside later. NS
(045) 0 11AM headache right temple moving to the left temple. 20 minutes after vertigo lasting some hours. NS
0 7 PM Strong headache lasting 3 hours. NS
1 8 AM Sight headache. NS
17 All day log headache in vertex. NS
18 Migraine like yesterday NS
19 6-8 PM Headache mostly in the right temple. NS
20 The right temple pulsate several times NS
21 Headache. NS

(021) 0-18 Pain in the right ear. NS
(027) 2 Pressure and stopping of the ears with slight headache, mainly right sided. NS

(034) 1 Numbness of the right quarter of the face with tendency to lose right eye and headache. NS
The right quarter of the face, nose, and the cheek seem not to belong to her. NS
(047) 2-12 The acne comes back. OS


(041) 0-8 8PM Where taking the pills he feels a taste of jasmine. NS
(045) 1 7 PM Sour taste. NS

(032 bis) 8-14 Dental abscess (right lower canine) needing antibiotics. Extraction NS
(047) 0-30 Fistulised dental granuloma. Amelioration in time. NS

(034) 4 Slight pulsatile constriction. NS
(047) 0 6 AM Clear feeling in the thyroidian region, lasting also at 5 PM, with supra umbilical coolness(this feeling appears sometimes during yoga exercises or after drinking mint or other aromatic teas). It is associated with strong mental and physical energy (5 PM). NS
5-11 PM. Coolness at the base of the neck. Fineness feeling. NS

(021) 9 Loss of appetite. NS
10-15 She eats without pleasure. NS
(029) He had a stomach ache when very busy. During the proving,
if he had been very busy, he had no pain. NS
(0320 0 Nausea during the last day before the proving (1-5. 05.96). She took the remedy at 9,30 AM and an hour later she ate. After the meal she had nausea and vomited. The menses has started. NS
032 bis) 0-30 Diminish appetite all through the proving. She wanted and menaged to keep a sliming diet, low sugars and bread. She succeeded. NS
(038) 0 5 PM Uneasy feeling in the epigastrium. NS
Heat in the epigastrium but in a limited area (2 cm 2). NS
(041) 0 8 AM Digestion uneasiness ameliorated by stool. NS
(043) 0 4 PM Nausea. NS
Gastric uneasiness. NS
(045) 0-30 Diminished appetite. NS
She drinks sometimes 2-3 coffees in the evening and smokes
a lot. NS.
5 After smoking a lot and drinking 2 coffees she had stomach aches. OS
8 She had a good appetite during the visit to her mother. OS
9 Pains in the epigastrium . NS.
16-17 Good appetite. OS
21 Loss of appetite with anxiety, restlessness and irritability NS
(she drank 2 coffees).

(047) 6-30 Increased thirst. The weather is hot. NS
9-30 Craves butter. NS

(01X) 0 6 AM Slight nausea with uneasy feeling in the epigastrium NS
0-60 Diminished appetite. NS.


(047) 0 5,30 AM Coolness around the navel, just like during a yoga exercises. NS

(021) 12-14 Constipation NS
15 7AM Stool difficult to expel and with a little light red blood. NS

(032) 0 9,30 AM After the breakfast she had a second stool which was soft
(the first one was hard) and nausea (menses). NS

(041) 3 8 AM 3 soft stools with flatus at waking. NS

(047) 4-8 Soft stool in the morning. NS

(049) 1-6 At the beginning of the proving slight constipation. OS


(029) 0-2 Slight dark coloured urine with drug smell. NS

(034) 2-5 Increased diuresis. NS


(029) 0-1 pricking pain during urination. NS

(027) 0-16 Prolonged menses with pelvic pains. OS
28-32 Painless menses. the next one too. NS

(032) 0 6.30 AM Menses with little pains and vomiting. NS
25 painless menses (usually she had strong pains). NS

(032 bis) 0-3 Normal menses. face eruption aggravated. OS

(049) 0 Angina- like chest pains in the morning and evening. OS
1-5 Chest pains disappeared. NS


(029); (032 bis); (043). Spine pain. NS

(021); (041) Heaviness in legs; tired feet. NS
(032 bis) Pain in knees. NS
Special symptom. : Feeling if energy starting from the internal nail angle of the 3-rd. toe to the ankle. NS


(021);(036);(043); (045). Unrefrishing sleep; Sleepless, sleeplessness. NS


(045);(01X). Dreams of dogs. NS

(038); (047). Pimples, Acne. NS
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